Our School

Smith Hal

Hal Smith Elementary School is located in the East Central Area and serves approximately 900 students of diverse ethnicities.  The Hal Smith Community is dedicated to providing its students with an educational environment that supports individual needs, awareness of our global community and its diversity, skill development, critical thinking, problem solving and lifelong learning.

Mr. Robert Hallock Smith (1917-2006)

Hal Smith Elementary School was dedicated in the honor of Mr. Hal Smith on February 9, 2001.  This was a very special day for our school.  It marked the official opening of Hal Smith Elementary School.  Many school district educators attended, including school Superintendent, Carlos Garia and Mr. and Mrs. Hal Smith.  The evening was full of spirit and excitement.  We all stood proud as our school was being honored in the name of a wonderful man on this historical day.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were very involved in our school events.  They attended many citizenship assemblies, literacy nights, and were always eager to accept invitations to visit classrooms.  Their dog, Mokie, a Siberian Husky, was named our school mascot. He came to school frequently with the Smiths.

Our Mascot

Moki is the name of our school’s mascot. He is a Siberian Husky. His owners were Mr. and Mrs. Hal Smith. Moki came to school with the Smiths frequently to visit. He loved the children and enjoyed his strolls through the school halls. Everyone at Hal Smith Elementary School loved Moki very much. Moki passed away a few years ago. We miss him very much.