Academic Program

Academic Program

Parent-Teacher Conferences– Communication is an essential part of the educational program.  It is very important for parents to keep in close contact with their child’s teacher concerning student progress.

You will be invited to attend a formal parent/teacher conference during the school year to discuss your child’s progress.  Please make every effort to attend conferences when they are scheduled.  It is by working cooperatively that we can provide the best education for your child.

You may schedule a conference with your child’s teacher or the principal at any time during the year.  We especially encourage this when you have questions about your child’s progress, the class work, or school policies.  Phone the school office to make an appointment.  Please do not attempt to confer with the teacher during class time.  This interrupts instruction and violates the confidential nature of your meeting.

Textbooks– All textbooks are provided to students free of charge.  However, students are responsible for lost or damaged books and will be expected to pay for them.  Students are urged to take good care of books to avoid a free assessment at the end of the year.  –

Homework Policy– Homework is an extension or enhancement of the school day.  It usually occurs when a student needs practice to achieve mastery or when an assignment has not been completed during class time.  It may also be a supplement to the educational activities currently being taught in the classroom such as reports, research activities, logs, etc.

Reading is a daily part of expected homework and students should read from 20-30 minutes at home daily.  Practicing math facts is a daily math expectation as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Library – Students are responsible for their library books.  Students may not check out a new book unless their previous one is returned.  Damaged or destroyed books are the financial responsibility of the student and parent.

All library materials must be returned, or paid before withdrawal papers will be processed.