Other School Information

Other School Information

Telephone Use– The school phone is a business phone.  Phone usage will be permitted for emergencies only.  Arrangements to go home with a friend, is not an emergency and should be made at home.  A student who forgets homework must accept the responsibility of this action and the telephone may not be used to ask parents to bring homework to school.  Cell phones are not allowed on campus.

Lost and Found– Articles that are found should be turned in to the office or taken to the “Lost and Found Box” located across from the office area.  Students who lost items can check this area for missing articles and if found, claim them at the office.  Students’ coats, boots, gloves, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. should be marked for easy identification.  This will aid in returning articles.

Lunch – Students have the option of eating a cold lunch brought from home or eating a hot lunch purchased at school.  Hot lunches can be purchased for $2.00 each.  Price includes milk.  Students bringing a cold lunch can purchase milk for $.25.  Lunch is to be paid prior to eating.  Free and reduced lunch programs are available.   Application forms for these programs can be obtained at the office.  Breakfast can be purchased for $1.25 from 8:40 – 9:00 am.

Medication– Many children must be on medication around the clock.  A student needing medication during the school hours must have a complete Medication Release form which can be obtained from the office personnel.  The medication must have been prescribed by a licensed prescribing practitioner.  NO OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION MAY BE GIVEN WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION.

Gum Chewing– Gum is not allowed in or out of the school building at any time.

Volunteers– We are very excited to have so many parents volunteering their valuable time in our classrooms.  This shows up in our test scores, the eagerness of our students to learn, and the pleasant atmosphere in the classrooms.  However, parents need to remember to keep younger children at home during volunteer time.  Younger siblings distract and take your precious time away from the students you are there to help.  Siblings are welcome to attend programs, however should not be in attendance during room parent or classroom volunteer activities.

PTO– We appreciate the excellent cooperation and work of the PTA organization and encourage you to take the opportunity to join and help make this the most successful year at Hal Smith.;  Your membership and participation will enhance your child’s school experience and be beneficial to you.

Personal Belongings– Do not allow your child to bring balls, toys, video games, sports cards, cameras, or other items to school which are not part of the educational program, unless specifically approved by the teacher for a special activity.  Such items should be kept inside the child’s book bag, a paper bag, or other container until needed in the classroom.  Unauthorized items will be confiscated and held for parental pick-up.